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  • Types of Valleys

    Although they can be formed by a variety of geological forces, terrestrial valleys fall into three major categories.

  • Grizzlybearthumbnail

    Grizzly Bears on the Oregon Coast?

    Once, the largest bear species in North America prowled the forests, riverbanks and coastline of Oregon. What happened to them? And will they ever return?

  • Clubfootthumbnail

    Monster Bear: The Legend of Clubfoot

    A giant Grizzly Bear rampages through the forested countryside, slaughtering livestock and terrorizing settlers! It sounds like a legend, but this bigger-than-life tale was all too true.

  • Venturingintoklamathmtsthumbnail

    Venturing Into The Klamath Mountains

    The principle feature of the larger Klamath Mountain ecoregion, these mountains separate the Oregon Coast from the inland valleys. Ecologically, they perform a similar function to the Coast Range Mountains further north by moderating the climate of the areas to the east.

  • Many Ecosystems Within the Mountains

    Divided into three distinct areas, the Coast Range Mountains can contain very unique ecosystems characterized by distinct plant and animal species.

  • Mountains of Mist, Mountains of Rain

    Although now nearly as tall or wide as other Oregon mountain ranges, the Coast Range Mountains still have a marked effect on local weather and climate.

  • Water and the Cycle of Life

    Water constantly moves in recycling pattern in what is known as the hydrologic cycle. During this cycle, water may change from frozen to liquid to gaseous states – moving from place to place but always present.

  • Waterfactsthumbnail

    So What’s the Big Deal About Water?

    There is one major fact about life on Earth: it could not, would not exist if it weren’t for the presence of water.

  • Earth: The Ocean Planet

    Seen from space, the Earth is clearly a world of water. In fact, life here simply wouldn't exist without this one huge, interconnected ocean.

  • Oregoncoasttrailthumbnail

    The Oregon Coast Trail

    This trail is a 387-mile long hiking route, stretching from the California state line to the Columbia River. Most of the trail utilizes the same travel corridor historically used by Oregonians – the beaches!

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