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  • Waterfactsthumbnail

    So What’s the Big Deal About Water?

    There is one major fact about life on Earth: it could not, would not exist if it weren’t for the presence of water.

  • Earth: The Ocean Planet

    Seen from space, the Earth is clearly a world of water. In fact, life here simply wouldn't exist without this one huge, interconnected ocean.

  • Oregoncoasttrailthumbnail

    The Oregon Coast Trail

    This trail is a 387-mile long hiking route, stretching from the California state line to the Columbia River. Most of the trail utilizes the same travel corridor historically used by Oregonians – the beaches!

  • Crisseyfieldthumbnail

    Crissey Field State Recreation Area

    One of the newest state parks in Oregon, Crissey Field is the gateway to California and the primeval redwood forest which lies at the southernmost tip of Oregon.

  • Chetco River

    The Chetco River separates Brookings from the larger community of Harbor, with a small port used mostly for fishing and recreational vessels. As you travel away from the river’s mouth, the banks are lined with homes, farms, and fishermen hoping to land salmon and trout.

  • Harrisbeachthumbnail

    Harris Beach State Recreation Area

    A jigsaw puzzle of volcanic rock formations, colorful water-polished stone and tumbled driftwood, Harris Beach is a beautiful wayside and a haven for many kinds of birdlife.

  • Meyerscreekthumbnail

    Meyers Creek Beach

    Although a small wayside, Meyers Creek Beach has some amazing sea stacks sitting just offshore and carved into exotic shapes through the incessant power of wind and waves.

  • Port Orford Lifeboat Station

    Now a state park, the Port Orford Lifeboat Station offers a rare glimpse into a bygone era when keeping ships safe on the Oregon Coast required strength, stamina and a fair amount of luck.

  • Lifesavingservicesthumbnail

    Lifesaving Services on the Oregon Coast

    The combination of current, stormy weather and geography has made the Oregon Coast one of the most hazardous places of shipping in North America. Learn how fearless men and women have battled the elements to save lives through the Lifesaving Service and modern US Coast Guard.

  • Nahalembaythumbnail

    Oregon's Pirate King

    This picturesque bay and its adjacent beaches are popular with fisherman and the possible stranding spot for Oregon's first "pirate king." Read all about an area where myth blends with history.

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