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  • The Town Swallowed By The Sea

    Ever heard of Bayocean, Oregon? No? You're not alone since this resort community, founded in the early twentieth century, has been completely reclaimed by the sea. Read the amazing true story of an ill-fated dream.

  • Neahkahniebeachthumbnail

    Neahkahnie Beach

    Lying in the shadow of the mountain which shares its name, Neahkahnie Beach is a place popular for sport, recreation and legend.

  • Neahkahniemountainthikethumbnail

    Hiking To the Home of the Gods

    Local Native Americans thought that the gods lived among the dense, mist-cloaked trees at the very top of Neahkahnie Mountain. This hike will take you there for a first-hand look at this mystical and mist-covered place.

  • Neahkahniemountainthumbnail

    Neahkahnie Mountain

    The tallest landform on the Oregon Coast, the Native American name for this mountain means "The Home of the Gods."

  • Capefalconthumbnail

    Cape Falcon

    Looking for a place to explore off the beaten path? Try this remote headland just north of the towering pinnacle of Neahkahnie Mountain on the North Coast.

  • Hugpointthumbnail

    Hug Point and the Road in the Cliff

    Look carefully at the right time of day and this small beachside park will reveal a curious secret – a mysterious 19th century road carved into the cliff above the surf line.

  • Clatsoploopthumbnail

    Hiking The Clatsop Loop Trail

    Take a photo tour over Tillamook Head and down to Indian Beach along the Clatsop Loop Trail in Ecola State Park.

  • Clarksstrandedwhalethumbnail

    Clark and the Whale

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition had made it to the Pacific Ocean but were desperate for fresh supplies. It must've seemed like a miracle when they heard about a whale washed up on a nearby beach. But what kind of whale was it?

  • Lewisandclarkthumbnail

    Lewis and Clark and Inquiry in Action

    Lewis and Clark's three-year journey across North America may not be the first example of scientific inquiry in action, but it's one of the best. Read more about this great adventure.

  • Lewisandclarkparkthumbnail

    Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

    Established in 2004, Lewis and Clark National Park is one of the newest national parks in the United States. Encompassing thousands of acres, the park incorporates several pre-existing Oregon state and federal sites, including the Ft. Clatsop National Monument.

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