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  • Ongirlphotographingthumbnail

    The 6th Annual Youth Making Ripples Film Competition

    The Youth Making Ripples Film Competition is an opportunity for K-12 students (18 years of age and younger) to create short films that engage the public about the importance of marine conservation.

  • Onteensoutdoorsthumbnail

    Young Ocean Leaders Wanted

    The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council is searching for 15 young ocean leaders from around the world to bring the Council to a grand total of 25 members.

  • Megalodonthumbnail

    Megalodon Myths and a Few Facts, Too

    Does the Megalodon still exist in our modern oceans? Uh, no... but popular culture, movies and misinformation can confuse scientific fact about this giant shark. Fortunately, our Youth Correspondents are on the case with this new video separating fact from fiction.

  • Oregondunesthumbnail

    Summer is in Full Swing at Cape Perpetua and the Oregon Dunes

    Before heading for the coast, check out the schedule of US Forest Service ranger programs, hikes and other family activities available throughout the summer!

  • Oregonghosttownsthumbnail

    The Teen's Guide to Exploring Oregon Ghost Towns

    Oregon is filled with ghost towns. This unique guide will help young adults explore these areas while simultaneously observing wildlife, weather conditions and other natural phenomena.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Aquarium Invites You to “Seas the Day” at World Oceans Day Event

    The Aquarium will celebrate World Oceans Day on Saturday, June 30. The event highlights the importance of the ocean and its inhabitants through interactive activities, raffles, and animal presentations.

  • Bioblitzthumbnail

    Bioblitzes Need Citizen Scientists of All Ages

    The Oregon Coast Aquarium is looking for volunteers of all ages to assist with bioblitzes to be conducted in the intertidal areas adjacent to three of Oregon’s marine reserves.

  • Citizensciencebanner

    Citizen Science

    Citizen science is an exciting and rapidly growing trend across the world in which members of the public collect and analyze data relating to the natural world.

  • Earhartsearchdogsthumbnail

    High Tech and Trained Dogs Join the Hunt for Earhart

    Ric Gillespie of The International Group for Historical Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) updates the Network on some astounding discoveries related to the disappearance of famed aviator Amelia Earhart.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Diving into Oregon's Kelp Forests

    This FREE interactive workshop about Oregon's kelp forests will give teachers a close look at this incredible ecosystem, while also preparing them to lead hands-on investigations with their students.

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