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  • Coastwatchthumbnail

    Sharing the Coast Conference: Focusing on Citizen Science

    This annual feast of information about shoreline natural history and science takes place March 3rd through 5th in Waldport, Oregon.

  • Yearofthevaquitathumbnail

    Year of the Vaquita 2017 February Update

    Free classroom and conservation resources.

  • Yearofthevaquitathumbnail

    Year of the Vaquita 2017

    The Oceanscape Network joins forces with WhaleTimes, Inc. and Southwest Fisheries Research Center / NOAA Fisheries, to raise awareness and offer tools to help the world's most endangered porpoise and other threatened species.

  • Voyageoftheoceanusthumbnail

    Feeling the Love on Maui

    The Fords discover that the appeal of Hawaii isn't just the scenery and the wildlife, but also the people and the spirit of "Aloha!"

  • Highway101thumbnail

    Oregon Coast Highway 101

    Take a journey along the Oregon Coast Highway and enjoy 363 miles (584 km) of unmatched beauty through forests, meadows and sand dunes with breathtaking views of islands offshore.

  • Hmscmarinescienceday2017

    Marine Science Day 2017

    Get behind-the-scenes to experience the research, education and outreach in marine sciences that makes the HMSC marine laboratory unique in the Pacific Northwest

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Oregon Coast Aquarium to host Volunteer Recruiting Day

    The Oregon Coast Aquarium is hosting a Volunteer Recruiting Day on February 4, 2017.

  • Seastardancethumbnail

    Sea Star Dance: Melding Music with Nature

    Moved by the outbreak of sea star wasting disease that ravaged the Oregon Coast in 2015, educators and students at Lane Community College came up with a musical way to raise awareness about the plague.

  • Youthactivitymusicheader

    Music and Dance

    For centuries, composers, musician and choreographers have looked to nature for inspiration. Here's why and how you can follow in their footsteps.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Expedition Highlights Review

    With this virtual exploration concluded, the team of the R/V Falkor offers some final thoughts on their 3 amazing weeks under the sea.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Hydrothermal Hunt: From Wow to Why?

    Amazment is balanced with scienctific curiosity as the crew and science team of the R/V Falkor head into the final leg of their exploration.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Mighty Microbes of the Deep Ocean

    Dr. Julie Huber of the Josephine Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology & Evolution

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Week 2 Highlights: First Views

    Thom Hoffman and the team of R/V Falkor provide us with some of the most spectacular updates from their second week at sea.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    A Look Into Chimneys

    The Falkor team provides a new video which explains how hydrothermal "chimneys" are formed on the ocean floor.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Aquarium Celebrates Crab Day 2016

    The Oregon Coast Aquarium will offer visitors a chance to claw into the science of Dungeness Crabs, without getting pinched, to celebrate Crab Fishery Day on December 28, 2016.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    The Animal Life of the Mariana Back-Arc

    Marine biologist Verena Tunnicliffe discusses the process and care the team uses in gathering animals for study.

  • Southbeachthumbnail

    2017 First Day Hike

    The Oregon State Parks annouces its popular New Year "first hike," a great event for the entire family.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Going Deeper: The Mariana Back-Arc

    Avoiding bad weather, the Falkor team heads into the depths of the Mariana Back-arc where conditions are better and new discoveries are plentiful.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Week One - The Story So Far

    Filmmaker Thom Hoffman summarizes the successes of the team's first week at sea.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Insights from Daikoku Seamount

    The team provides some amazing video (courtesy of SuBastian) of hydrothermal vents and tube worms!

  • Victorianchristmasthumbnail

    Victorian Holiday Celebration at Yaquina Head Light Station

    The Victorian Holiday Celebration event at Yaquina Head Lighthouse encourages visitors to step back in time to relive the 19th century holiday traditions celebrated by the families of lighthouse keepers.

  • Marianavirtualexplorationlogo

    Daikoku Dive 2 Sulfur So Good

    It's day 2 diving on the Daikoku seamount and this time the ROV SuBastian is finding tubeworms and mysterious tadpole-shaped sulfur needles.

  • Voyageoftheoceanusthumbnail

    Cruising Isn't All Sunshine and Pretty Fishes

    After a relatively smooth first leg of their two year journey, the Fords begin to understand the old adage that "traveling is not the same as vacationing." Oh, the things that can go wrong on board a sailboat!

  • Marianavirtualexplorationlogo

    Return to Daikoku

    The ROV SuBastian has its very dive down to a submarine volcano — and finds life teeming near hydrothermal vents where temperatures can exceed 150° F.

  • Marianabackarclogothumbnail

    Setting Sail on the Hydrothermal Hunt

    Filmmaker Thom Hoffman provides the first blog from the research vessel Falkor as is leave Guam enroute to the Pacific's mysterioius Mariana back-arc.

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