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  • Cougarthumbnail

    Living with Wildlife: Mountain Lions

    Learn about living with large predators through the masterful storytelling of former park ranger David Thompson.

  • Oceanscapeexplorerbanner

    Oceanscape Explorer Video News

    These downloadable videos are designed to tackle exploration and conservation topics in greater detail and from the perspective of young adults.

  • Yearofthevaquitathumbnail

    Year of the Vaquita 2017 December Update

    As 2017 comes to a close, we conclude our Year of the Vaquita with new curriculum, classroom resources and the launch of our video news magazine, OCEANSCAPE EXPLORER.

  • Deependthumbnaillogo

    Swim Bladders and Giant Bellies

    Researcher April Cook looks at two particularly unusual adaptations of deep sea fish — one that deals with buoyancy and another helps them process food in a nutrient poor environment.

  • Deependthumbnaillogo

    Silver Camouflaging and the Deep Sea

    Many deep-sea animals are red in color to help them hide in the darkness, but in this blog Dr. Tammy Frank explains why so many are silver.

  • Graywhalethumbnail

    North Pacific Gray Whale Populations: The Eastern/Western Paradox

    This public program looks at the conservation strategies for the eastern and western populations of gray whales.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Stranded Juvenile Green Sea Turtle Passes Away

    The Oregon Coast Aquarium announces sad news about the latest stranded turtle found on a local beach.

  • Deependthumbnaillogo

    Ocean Babies

    Team members Sebastian Velez and Laura Timm study baby animals to help assess the health and future of marine populations

  • Deependthumbnaillogo

    Mysteries of the Deep Sea

    Dr. Heather Bracken-Grissom and Kris Clark take a closer look at some unusual deep-sea animals and the longstanding mysteries that surround them.

  • Deependthumbnaillogo

    Fish Parasites

    Matt Woodstock discusses how parasites can affect deep-sea fish, even in environments which are hostile toward them.

  • Winterthumbnail

    Get Ready for Winter Weather Hazards

    Get ready for winter weather hazards by visiting NOAA's Winter Safety website.

  • Sealionthumbnail

    NOAA Issues Warning about Leptospirosis and Sea Lions in Oregon and Along the West Coast

    A warning has been issued to beachcombers about a contagious disease now confirmed in some sea lions.

  • Teacherpdthumbnail

    STEM Professional Development Opportunities in Oregon

    There are several new STEM Professional Development opportunities for educators coming up on the coast!

  • Streamwhalewatchingspokenhere

    Whale Watching Spoken Here 2017-18

    Enjoy two opportunities to spot migrating gray whales with the experts from Whale Watching Spoken Here.

  • Holidayeventthumbnail

    2017 Victorian Holiday Celebration at Yaquina Head

    Take a step back in time to relive the 19th century holiday traditions celebrated by the families of Yaquina Head’s lighthouse keepers in this family friendly event.

  • Coastwatchthumbnail

    Fall-Winter CoastWatch Events for Lincoln County

    Check out these Fall and Winter events from CoastWatch related to the King Tides and citizen science projects.

  • Phoenixislandthumbnail

    Deep Corals of PIPA: Wrap Up

    The expedition has wrapped. Here's a look back at all the amazing work and discoveries from the last month in the Phoenix Islands chain.

  • Phoenixislandthumbnail

    A Natural Experiment

    Anna Gauthier, a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University, talks about the importance of microbes on all forms of life — including those in the deep sea.

  • Phoenixislandthumbnail

    Chasing Ghosts

    Dr. Rotjan offers this light-hearted look at how the crew spent their Halloween aboard the R/V Falkor.

  • Malheurwildlifethumbnail

    Marvelous Malheur: Animals and Ecosystems

    The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is a diverse and fascinating place to view different ecosystems and animals. Learn more about it.

  • Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

    Established in the early twentieth century after the area's bird population was decimated by hunting, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is today one of the best birding sites in Oregon.

  • Phoenixislandthumbnail

    Sampling and Squishy Fingers: Week 3 Wrap Up

    Photo journalist Thom Hoffman provides a new video wrapping up week 3 of the expedition with an emphasis on how scientists gather samples from the deep sea.

  • Phoenixislandthumbnail

    Life in a Blue Ocean

    Dr. David Gruber discusses how depth affects light and color in the deep ocean and how animals have adapted to this.

  • Phoenixislandthumbnail

    Secrets of the Ocean's Most Abundant Molecule

    Team member Abby Keller provides a few thoughts about water — the ever-present but often forgotten feature of the ocean!

  • Phoenixislandthumbnail

    Coral Associates of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area

    Deep-sea corals consists of colonies of small animals. But the communities they create may include thousands of additional species.

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