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  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Track Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef via Aquarium’s Oceanscape Network

    This new virtual exploration, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), let's you experience online how sharks are being tracked, studied and protected on the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    To Keep Coastal Wildlife Safe, Fly Drones With Care

    Drones offer a new and exciting way to photograph wildlife, but it’s important to be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding their use.

  • Fruitloopthumbnail

    Eating My Way Through the Fruit Loop

    The Hood River County Fruit Loop is just one of many driving tours in Oregon that help promote and educate about sustainable agriculture.

  • Devilspunchbowlthumbnail

    Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area

    This iconic feature of the Central Coast is located to the north of Newport and was probably formed when two sea caves partially collapsed.

  • Otterrockthumbnail

    Otter Rock

    Otter Rock is a small offshore island located north of Newport. It is part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and a common refuge area for marine mammal and sea birds.

  • Marinereservesthumbnail

    Marine Reserves: Sanctuaries for Science

    Oceanscape Youth Correspondents join Oregon Surfrider at a local marine reserve to learn more about these somewhat controversial sanctuaries set aside for conservation and scientific study.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Sea Otters That Recycle, “Better Bags” and More at World Oceans Day

    World Oceans Day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium will focus on the problem and practical, everyday solutions to plastic pollution in the oceans.

  • Yearofthevaquitathumbnail

    Year of the Vaquita 2017 Summer Update

    New updates on efforts by the Mexican government and its conservation partners have organized a live capture effort to try to save the vaquita from extinction.

  • Salmonriverthumbnail

    Guided Nature Walk: Lost Prairie and Bog

    Experienced hikers are welcome to join this free nature walk to experience the headwaters of the Salmon River on June 17, 2017.

  • Capeperpetuathumbnail

    Annual Marbled Murrelet Citizen Science Survey

    Join the 12th annual citizen science survey of this endangered seabird a spectacular stretch of Oregon's coast near Yachats, Oregon.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    Summer Workshop for Teachers: Oregon’s Rocky Shores

    Teachers are invited to this free workshop to learn about the unique species that call our rocky shores home and their adaptations for surviving in their ever-changing habitat.

  • Solareclipsethumbnail

    Viewing the Solar Eclipse on the Oregon Coast

    Where and when should you be to get the best view on the coast of the August 21 solar eclipse?

  • Solareclipsethumbnail

    Live Eclipse Feed from a High Altitude Balloon

    Worried about clouds or other weather conditions interfering with your view of the solar eclipse on August 21? This presentation may offer the perfect solution.

  • Solareclipsethumbnail

    Safely Enjoying the Great American Eclipse

    Learn how to protect yourself and your family while enjoying the August 21 solar eclipse in this free presentation.

  • Solareclipsethumbnail

    Eclipse Presentation by Tom Carrico of the Heart of the Valley Astronomers

    Learn all about the August 21st total solar eclipse, from the partial phases through the darkness of totality and back again

  • Bearingsskateboardthumbnail

    Let's Skateboard!

    Join Gordon Boehm and his students at the Bearings Skateboarding Academy in Bend, Oregon, for this look at getting started with skateboarding.

  • Skateboardingheader


    By far one of the most popular sports among young adults, skateboarding is a relatively new phenomenon. Learn more about it in this feature.

  • Graysharbortallboatsthumbnail

    Tall Ships Sail the Oregon Coast

    Grays Harbor Historical Seaport is on a mission to educate the public about the history of tall sailing ships. This June, the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain travel the Oregon coast as ambassadors to maritime history.

  • Solareclipsethumbnail

    A Guide to the Solar Eclipse 2017

    A full solar eclipse will blanket parts of Oregon in darkness on August 21, 2017. These features will help you plan your viewing opportunities on the Oregon Coast.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    New Exhibit at Aquarium Promises Plenty of BITE!

    The toothsome fishes of the aquarium's new Big Bites exhibit will give visitors plenty of fascinating natural history to chew over.

  • Wnsthumbnail

    What is White Nose Syndrome?

    Learn more about white nose syndrome (WNS), a fungal disease that has ravaged bat populations in the United States and was recently detected in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Oregon Caves

    A national and geological treasure, the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is a must-see feature for Oregon Landmark Places.

  • Aquarium Announcement:

    The Aquarium Celebrates International Migratory Bird Day

    Birders of a feather will flock together when the Oregon Coast Aquarium celebrates International Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, May 13, 2017.

  • Peterpersallhornedtoad

    A Natural History of North American Deserts: Flora, Fauna, and Landscapes.

    Take a photographic journey through the deserts of North America with photographer Peter Pearsall.

  • Beavercreekthumbnail

    Guided Nature Walk for International Migratory Bird Day

    Join the Oregon State Parks and the Yaquina Bay Birders and Naturalist as they celebration international migratory bird day with a bird walk.

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