Restoration of Oregon’s Native Freshwater Mussels

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Freshwater mussels are experiencing a dramatic decline; 72% percent of North American freshwater mussels are considered extinct or imperiled, representing one of the most at-risk groups of animals in the United States. The decline of freshwater mussels is due to a number of factors, including construction of dams, sedimentation, pressure from human populations, stream channelization, dredging, and introduction of exotic species. This has been well studied in eastern North America but has received very little attention in states west of the Rocky Mountains. The MidCoast Watersheds Council invites the public to attend a presentation by Emilie Blevins, The Xerces Society, Endangered Species Conservation Biologist, Freshwater Mussel Lead.

Event Details

This even will be held on June 7, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in Newport. The talk will be held in room 205 at the Newport Visual Arts Center at Nye Beach. Refreshments will be served.

Photo credits: Xerces Society / Sarina Jepsen; Evan Hayduk.



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