Waldport and Vicinity

Waldport is a small town (population about 2,000) wedged between the Alsea Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Historically, the area was a stronghold for the Alsea Indians who enjoyed the abundant fishing and clamming areas in the bay and along the shore. Eventually these natural resources, combined with the discovery of gold in the nearby Coast Range Mountains, brought the native people into conflict with European and American settlers. The Native Americans were forced out of the area and Waldport became a hub for both the salmon canning and lumber industries. Waldport is considered one of the top Oregon destinations for boating and other marine-related activities like fishing, kayaking and windsurfing.

  • Oregon Route 34: Fish and Forest

    Category: General Article

    OR34 (known as Alsea Highway) connects US Highway 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) at Waldport with Philomath on the east side of the Coast Range Mountains.

  • Oregon Hatchery Research Center

    Category: Landmark Place

    Hidden at the end of a long winding road outside the rural community of Alsea is the Oregon Hatchery Research Center, a world-renowned institution for the study of fish, migration patterns and conservation.

  • Field Experiences: The Tiny Creatures of Fall Creek

    Category: Exploring Nature Item

    Students from Waldport High School work with the Oregon Hatchery Research Center to assess the health of the Fall Creek by taking a close look at some tiny aquatic animals.

  • Alsea River and Bay

    Category: General Article

    The Alsea River winds its way down from the Coast Mountain Range and forms a large bay where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Explore this picturesque corridor which is popular with hikers, boaters and anglers.

  • The Kayak Shack: Paddling Toward Success

    Category: General Article

    The true story of how some enthusiastic high school students turned their love of kayaking into a success business.

  • On A Mission To Save A Butterfly

    Category: General Article

    A group of teens from Pennsylvania travel to Oregon on a mission to help save a critically endangered butterfly.