Siletz Bay and River

This large bay and estuary is located at the mouth of the Siletz River where it meets the Pacific Ocean. During previous decades, and like many areas along the Oregon Coast, the bay had been diked and drained to make it suitable for raising cattle. A large-scale reclamation program began in the early 1990s to remove the artificial impediments and restore the bay and estuary to its natural state. The establishment of the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge was part of this process and encompasses over 100 acres of tidal marshes. Today, the bay and estuary teem with wildlife, especially birds. It is also a thriving center for eco-tourism including hiking, fishing and kayak tours.

  • Bringing Back the Bay

    Category: Exploring Nature Item

    Used for fishing, timber and cattle grazing in decades past, the Siletz Bay slowly fell into ruin. Learn about a large-scale reclamation program brought back native species and is slowly returning the bay to its natural state.

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