Rogue River Valley

The Rogue River Valley is the drainage basin of the Rogue River, located on the east side of the Klamath Mountain Range in southwestern Oregon. Its mild climate results in a longer growing period and its farms are well known for their production of fruits and nuts. More recently, vineyards have also begun to spring up around the valley. The agricultural potential of the valley became apparent to white settlers in the early nineteenth century. The influx of homesteaders caused many bloody conflicts with the Native Americans already occupying the area – with tensions only increasing when gold was discovered in the nearby mountains. Tensions culminated in the Rogue River Wars of 1855-56, in which the U.S. Army attempted to permanently dislodge local tribes from the area. The valley offers numerous sites where you can learn more about the history of the Native Americans, settlers, farmers, trappers and prospectors.

  • Rogue River

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    The Rogue River stretches over 215 miles (346 km) from its headwaters located near the caldera known as Crater Lake, twisting its way through the rugged Klamath Mountains, until finally discharging into the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach.

  • Jacksonville: The Gold Rush Town

    Category: Landmark Place

    Jacksonville and the nearby creek were at the center of Oregons 1851 Rogue River Valley gold rush. Learn more about this authentic pioneer town.

  • Major Valleys in Western Oregon

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    Visit some of the numerous valleys located in the western half of Oregon.

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