Oswald West State Park and Vicinity

This sprawling Oregon state park provides visitors with the chance to easily access beaches, coastal forests, bays, streams and rivers. The pinnacle of the park (we’re not kidding – it really is a pinnacle!) is the towering Neahkahnie Mountain, the tallest feature on the Oregon Coast. Aside from the amazing views you can catch along Highway 101 as it snakes its way up the side of the mountain, Oswald West State Park also provides great place for picnics, hiking, fishing, wildlife spotting or just playing in the surf.

  • The Glenesslin Wreck: Folly or Fraud?

    Category: General Article

    How did a clipper ship with an experienced crew manage to crash headlong into a mountain in broad daylight and clear weather? Examine the evidence and see if you think this shipwreck was bad luck or something quite intentional.

  • Neahkahnie Beach

    Category: General Article

    Lying in the shadow of the mountain which shares its name, Neahkahnie Beach is a place popular for sport, recreation and legend.

  • Buried Treasure on Neahkahnie Mountain?

    Category: General Article

    Three young Oceanscape Network volunteers take to the beaches and mountains of the Oregon Coast in search of an ancient pirate legend involving murder, ghosts and undiscovered treasure.

  • Neahkahnie Mountain

    Category: General Article

    The tallest landform on the Oregon Coast, the Native American name for this mountain means "The Home of the Gods."

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