Newport and Vicinity

Newport could accurately be considered the hub of marine exploration on the west coast of the United States. Built between the Pacific Ocean and the wide Yaquina Bay, this small coastal town is home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium (which brought you the Oceanscape Network), the Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Fleet headquarters, the U.S. Coast Guard and more.

  • What's the best way to see all the sights of the Oregon Coast? How about on a bicycle?

  • The Twin Lights of Newport

    Category: Landmark Place

    Newport is the only place on the Oregon Coast to boast two historical lighthouses, both of which have amazing stories to tell!

  • On The Line With Nearshore Fishing

    Category: General Article

    A nineteen-year-old Oceancape Network volunteer goes nearshore fishing for the first time.

  • Life In Ruins: Yaquina City and Paradise Lost

    Category: General Article

    If you travel along the Yaquina Bay Road about three to four miles east of Newport, you can still see signs of the little community called Yaquina City.

  • Orca Reporting

    Category: General Article

    Scientists are trying to learn more about Orcas who reside in Oregon waters. Learn how you can help spot these coastal predators and aid with the research.

  • Seal Rock State Park

    Category: General Article

    Dominated by the impressive basalt formation known as Elephant Rock, Seal Rock State Park is a diverse and picturesque place to explore tide pools, photograph wildlife or study geology.

  • Oregon Coast Aquarium

    Category: Landmark Place

    The aquarium is one of the best known natural history attractions in Oregon. Learn why this center for marine science and education is one of our Landmark Places.

  • That Time When An Orca Lived Here…

    Category: General Article

    Although the only orcas you’ll find at the Oregon Coast Aquarium today are in videos or photographs, at one time a large, friendly male named Keiko was the organization’s biggest attraction.

  • Voyage of the Oceanus

    Category: General Article

    Join Brandon and Virginia Ford on a two-year cruise aboard their sailboat Oceanus as they explore the U.S. West Coast, the Gulf of California and the wilds of the South Pacific. This ongoing Virtual Exploration is an exclusive on the Oceanscape Network.

  • Fishing for Life

    Category: General Article

    Newport's one of the few communities on the Oregon Coast with a working bay front where visitors can see the various fisheries at work. Learn how fish and shellfish have been an important commodity for this community by the bay for centuries.

  • Be There Ghosts Here?

    Category: General Article

    Who doesn't love a good story? But is the tale of the female wraith said to wander the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Newport true... or just a big misunderstanding?

  • Lifesaving Services on the Oregon Coast

    Category: General Article

    The combination of current, stormy weather and geography has made the Oregon Coast one of the most hazardous places of shipping in North America. Learn how fearless men and women have battled the elements to save lives through the Lifesaving Service and modern US Coast Guard.

  • Oregon Otters

    Category: Fun Fact

    Sea otters have been extinct in Oregon for over 100 years – but there's still one large raft of these threatened marine mammals you can see up close.

  • Pacific Maritime Heritage Center

    Category: Landmark Place

    Administered by the Lincoln County Historical Society, this new museum celebrates the history and culture of the Oregon Coast.

  • An App for That

    Category: Science Tool

    A new smart device app from the US Fish and Wildlife Service gives flight to bird conservation efforts at Yaquina Head. Oceanscape Network Youth Correspondents Macy Dexter and Arii Gaempa check it out.

  • Discovering Marine Discovery Tours

    Category: General Article

    Marine Discovery Tours combines marine education with entertainment for thousands of visitors interested in exploring the Oregon coast.

  • Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area

    Category: General Article

    This iconic feature of the Central Coast is located to the north of Newport and was probably formed when two sea caves partially collapsed.

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