Nehalem River and Bay

The deep, slow-moving waters of Nehalem River and Bay attract thousands of anglers who try their luck at catching the Chinook Salmon and Steelhead that return here every year to spawn. The Nehalem Bay State Park also offers lots of recreational opportunities, including guided horseback rides, camping, bicycling, hiking, wildlife viewing and beachcombing.

  • Buried Treasure on Neahkahnie Mountain?

    Category: General Article

    Three young Oceanscape Network volunteers take to the beaches and mountains of the Oregon Coast in search of an ancient pirate legend involving murder, ghosts and undiscovered treasure.

  • The Mimi: Saved, Then Lost

    Category: General Article

    Sometimes the crew of a shipwreck survive the initial disaster and are then lost to the salvage operation that follows. Such was the case of the Mimi, a stricken barque that killed 18 men long after the wreck had occurred.

  • Shipwreck In My Back Yard

    Category: General Article

    Historian and photographer Don Best recalls what it was like growing up with the shipwreck of the Emily G. Reed in his back yard... and the tragic story which put her there.

  • The Mystery of the Beeswax Wreck

    Category: General Article

    Three-hundred years ago, a Spanish galleon (who's identity is still in dispute) crashed onto the beach near Nehalem Bay. For generations, people of the area found its cargo — mostly chunks of beeswax — washing up in the surf yet still little is known about the wreck itself. Join the search to solve this enduring Oregon mystery.

  • Oregon's Pirate King

    Category: General Article

    This picturesque bay and its adjacent beaches are popular with fisherman and the possible stranding spot for Oregon's first "pirate king." Read all about an area where myth blends with history.