Marys Peak

Marys Peak is one of the most pristine areas along the Coastal Mountain Range because of it’s unique designation as a subalpine biome mixed with a noble fir forest – both unique to these mountains. The peak rises to 4,097 feet (1,248 m), making it both a notable landmark when seen from the Willamette Valley on its eastern flank and a popular recreational area, especially for those interested in cross-country skiing and other winter sports. The very top of the peak is above the tree-line and may appear to some as a barren, rocky landscape. During the spring and summer, however, these meadows can be ablaze with color as a variety of subalpine plants begin to flower. Marys Peak is designated as a Scenic Botanical Area because of this unique plant life and is an excellent day hike for those interested in botany.

  • Alpine Adaptations

    Category: General Article

    An unusual "micro-climate" exists at the very top of Marys Peak in the Coast Mountain Range. Learn about this rare sub-alpine biome.

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    If the Coast Range Mountains prove one thing, it's that even modern engineering and transportation can't match the raw forces of nature.