Lincoln City and Vicinity

Named after U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, this seaside community is located in northern Benton County, Oregon, on the Pacific Coast. Lincoln City is a prime tourist destination, thanks to its central location on Highway 101 (the Pacific Coast Highway) and in close proximity to a multitude of beaches, forests, rivers, estuaries and woodlands.

  • Touring Cape Foulweather

    Category: General Article

    Discovered by Captain James Cook on a particularly stormy day, Cape Foulweather's name doesn't give due credit to the area's beauty and natural riches.

  • The Shortest River

    Category: Way Find It

    For this Wayfind It challenge, you must seek out what's arguably the world's shortest river.

  • Devil's Lake

    Category: General Article

    An excellent example of a coastal area lake, Devil's Lake is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers.

  • Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint

    Category: General Article

    Known for a spectacular shipwreck and as a great place to spot migrating whale, Boiler Bay is a small state park but definitely worth the visit.

  • Shipwreck Shrapnel

    Category: Way Find It

    Most remnants of the Oregon Coast's most dramatic shipwreck are hidden beneath the ways. Most. Can you find this large piece of metal which is said to be a remnant from the explosion which sank the J. Marhoffer in 1910?