Klamath Mountains

The Klamath Mountains are the major geological feature in the much larger Klamath Mountain ecoregion. In Oregon, the ecoregion reaches across much of the southwestern part of the state, including the Umpqua and Siskiyou Mountains, several interior valleys and up to the foothills of the Cascade Range. Needless to say, this is a very diverse area comprised of towering mountains, sprawling grassland, lush woodlands and sloping foothills. The elevation can vary between 600 to 7,400 feet (182 to 2,255 m). Contained within its boundaries are the towns of Roseburg, Myrtle Creek, Grants Pass, Jacksonville, Medford and Ashland.

  • Chetco River

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    The Chetco River separates Brookings from the larger community of Harbor, with a small port used mostly for fishing and recreational vessels. As you travel away from the river’s mouth, the banks are lined with homes, farms, and fishermen hoping to land salmon and trout.

  • Venturing Into The Klamath Mountains

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    The principle feature of the larger Klamath Mountain ecoregion, these mountains separate the Oregon Coast from the inland valleys. Ecologically, they perform a similar function to the Coast Range Mountains further north by moderating the climate of the areas to the east.

  • The remoteness of the Klamath Mountains have resulted in the area being home to some unique species... some of which have become the stuff of legends.

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    A giant Grizzly Bear rampages through the forested countryside, slaughtering livestock and terrorizing settlers! It sounds like a legend, but this bigger-than-life tale was all too true.

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    Valued as both economic and ecological asset, the preservation of these ancient forests is an ongoing struggle.

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    A national and geological treasure, the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is a must-see feature for Oregon Landmark Places.

  • What is White Nose Syndrome?

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    Learn more about white nose syndrome (WNS), a fungal disease that has ravaged bat populations in the United States and was recently detected in the Pacific Northwest.

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