Corvallis and Vicinity

This small city lies where U.S. Route 20 leaves the Coast Range Mountains and enters the Willamette Valley. Corvallis is best known as the hometown of the sprawling Oregon State University campus, an institution of higher learning with extensive programs in agriculture, forestry, natural resources and ocean studies. The Hatfield Marine Science Center located next to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport is also an OSU facility. Outside of the university, the community has connected to the land through the establishment of extensive biking, walking, equestrian and hiking trails which wind their ways through the city and out into the farmland and wooded hills which surround it. Corvallis also lies at the intersection of the Willamette River and Marys River, two of the largest fresh water courses in the central part of the valley. The Willamette flows north past the city and becomes a major tributary to the Columbia River near Portland. The Marys River has its headwaters in the Coast Range Mountains to the west of Corvallis and becomes a tributary to the Willamette near the city’s center.

  • Bald Is Beautiful

    Category: General Article

    If you’re looking for a place to get away from it, then check out a favorite haunt for Corvallis residents – Bald Hill.

  • Colonel Hogg’s Great Railroad to the Pacific and Other Engineering Disasters

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    The real story of how an enigmatic but shady character named Colonel Thomas Egenton Hogg promised the people of Corvallis a railroad which would connect them to the Oregon Coast – but delivered only one disaster after another.

  • Hope for the Helpless

    Category: General Article

    The Chintimini Wildlife Center, located in Corvallis, Oregon, is a place where injured and sick wild animals can get a second chance. Learn about the center's work and how you can help wild animals in distress.