Coos Bay and Vicinity

Oregon’s South Coast is one of the least populated areas of the state, but what it lacks in large communities it makes up for in natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. Coos Bay can be considered an unofficial gateway to the unique beauty of the South Coast. There’s also plenty to do around the bay. Boating and fishing are the most popular activities, but the encircling estuary – one of the largest on the Oregon Coast – is also a center for research. The South Slough Estaurine Research Center is an outdoor laboratory for scientists studying coastal environments. It’s also a must-see location for anyone interested in nature or who wants to enjoy a challenging hike through a picturesque setting. Just a short drive away, you can also experience vast oceans of sand at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area; visit historic lighthouses and bridges; or hike towering coastal mountains.

  • The Sujameco's Iron Skeleton

    Category: Landmark Place

    Like a ghost rising out of the earth, the rusted iron bones of the wrecked merchant vessel Sujameco reveal themselves from time to time on the Oregon beach. Can you find the remains of this ninety-year-old shipwreck?

  • South Slough Estuarine Research Center

    Category: Science Tool

    Scientists are afforded a unique opportunity at the South Slough Estuarine Research Facility – to study estuaries in an immense, outdoor laboratory.

  • South Slough Ecosystems

    Category: General Article

    The large outdoor laboratory of South Slough Estuarine Research Center offers a variety of ecosystems for the scientist to study... all within walking distance of each other.

  • The Rough-skinned Newt may look harmless enough, but he carries a powerful surprise for predators who might mess with him.

  • The Legendary Cape

    Category: Fun Fact

    Was Cape Arago discovered by a famous pirate captain? Well, depends on which legend you choose to believe...

  • Identifying Animals On The Perfect “Haul Out”

    Category: Exploring Nature Item

    If you're visiting Simpson’s Reef, chances are good you'll see a variety of marine mammals. But what's what? This visual guide will help you discover some of the reef's more common visitors.

  • New Carissa: Disaster for the Oregon Coast

    Category: General Article

    Considered the second worst environmental disaster in the state's history, the New Carissa shipwreck still haunts many people and places on the Oregon coast.