Christmas Valley and Vicinity

Located in Lake County, Oregon, Christmas Valley is a largely unpopulated region southeast of Bend. Current census numbers put the year-round population at approximately 2,000 people with an economy based mostly on ranching and farming. The area was named for an early pioneer and rancher, Peter Christman, who settled here in the late 1800s. The name was later corrupted to “Christmas.” The area is typically arid and warm with an average year-round temperature of 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) and over 300 days of sunshine. However, temperatures can fluctuate widely, especially during the winter. A small town (also called Christmas Valley) was established here in the 1960s as a planned community which failed to take off. The community is now a ghost town. The valley is a treasure trove for fossil hunters, especially around the nearby Fossil Lake, and provides plenty of other outdoor excursions including hiking, camping and rock climbing.

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