Cannon Beach and Vicinity

This small township is a popular tourist destination located south of Ecola State Park. Its impressive 3-mile stretch of sandy beach is dominated by “Haystack Rock” and several smaller offshore islands. It is very popular with visitors who cluster around the tidepools, fly kites or zip along the beach’s length in small, three-wheeled recumbent bicycles.

  • “Haystack Rock"

    Category: Landmark Place

    One of the most famous seastacks on the Oregon Coast, this rock has 300 yards of tidepools at its base and is home to hundreds of birds.

  • Clark and the Whale

    Category: General Article

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition had made it to the Pacific Ocean but were desperate for fresh supplies. It must've seemed like a miracle when they heard about a whale washed up on a nearby beach. But what kind of whale was it?

  • Hug Point and the Road in the Cliff

    Category: Exploring Nature Item

    Look carefully at the right time of day and this small beachside park will reveal a curious secret – a mysterious 19th century road carved into the cliff above the surf line.

  • The Oregon Coast has thousands of islands sitting just offshore... and all of them are part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Learn how this immense sanctuary aids both sea birds and scientists.

At Home on the Rock

School kids congregate at the base of the Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach to welcome back the Tufted Puffin, one of several seabirds which use the offshore islands to nest and raise their young.

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