Astoria and Vicinity

Clinging to the slopes of a narrow peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River, Astoria is the oldest permanent settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. It began as a small fortified trading post that acted as hub for commerce between the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Asia. The picturesque town still plays this role as huge ocean-going ships loaded with lumber and supplies, fishing boats and passenger liners cruise by every hour of every day. Astoria is also home to a U.S. Coast Guard station and other facilities that assist ships with navigating the often treacherous Columbia River Bar.

  • Fort Clatsop National Monument

    Category: Landmark Place

    This vast, forested park commemorates the 1803-06 Corps of Discovery Expedition, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

  • The Struggle to Establish Astoria

    Category: General Article

    How the oldest settlement on the Pacific Northwest coast almost didn't happen.

  • A fabeled passageway across the top of the world comes to pass due to climate change.

  • The First Fort

    Category: Way Find It

    This challenge will have you searching for the remnants of Old Fort Astoria among the buildings of a modern city. Can you do it?

  • Lewis and Clark National Historical Park

    Category: General Article

    Established in 2004, Lewis and Clark National Park is one of the newest national parks in the United States. Encompassing thousands of acres, the park incorporates several pre-existing Oregon state and federal sites, including the Ft. Clatsop National Monument.

  • What Destroyed These Trees?

    Category: Fun Fact

    What blasted these trees to bits? It wasn't a bomb... but a strange force of nature!

  • Lewis and Clark and Inquiry in Action

    Category: General Article

    Lewis and Clark's three-year journey across North America may not be the first example of scientific inquiry in action, but it's one of the best. Read more about this great adventure.

  • Clark and the Whale

    Category: General Article

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition had made it to the Pacific Ocean but were desperate for fresh supplies. It must've seemed like a miracle when they heard about a whale washed up on a nearby beach. But what kind of whale was it?

  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Category: Science Tool

    This legendary overland expedition not only lead to the discovery of new places and species, but helped pave the way for American expansion across the continent to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Oregon Coast Highway 101

    Category: General Article

    Take a journey along the Oregon Coast Highway and enjoy 363 miles (584 km) of unmatched beauty through forests, meadows and sand dunes with breathtaking views of islands offshore.

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