Lakes and Ponds

A lake or pond is a body of water confined to a natural depression in the earth’s surface called a basin. They are different from rivers and streams because their waters are comparatively still. Statewide, there are over 6,000 lakes and ponds which provide a vital resource for recreation, agriculture and as a source of drinking water for both people and domesticated animals. These diverse freshwater reservoirs also provide vital habitat for wild aquatic and terrestrial species.

  • Go With The Flow: How Lakes and Ponds Form

    Category: General Article

    What's the difference between a lake and pond? Would you believe it has to do with depth and sunshine?

  • The Biology of Lakes and Ponds

    Category: General Article

    Lake and ponds can be particularly vulnerable to pollutants because these basins are influenced by all kinds of external factors.

  • Types of Lakes and Ponds

    Category: General Article

    Lakes are much more than just water-filled depressions. Learn how they can be formed by everything from volcanic eruption to human construction.

Slideshow: Lakes and Ponds

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    Perhaps Oregon's most famous lake, Crater Lake formed in the caldera of an extinct volcano.

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    The still waters of this coastal pond are fed primarily by precipitation and runoff from the surrounding hills.

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    Some lakes and ponds may exist year round, while others will be temporary depending on season and rainfall.

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    Woody and other organic debris often settle in lakes and ponds, providing food and habitat for aquatic animals.

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    Lakes have always attracted people, from prehistory to the modern day. This is Devil's Lake near Lincoln City.

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    This pool of water is fed by one of the many waterfalls you can visit along the Columbia River Gorge.

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    Lakes and ponds can be artificial as well. This beautiful example is at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland.

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