When you think of a beach, what images pop into your head? For some, it may be a white stretch of sand bordered by towering palm trees swaying gently in a warm breeze. While the tropical beach may be some people’s ideal image of an ocean experience, it certainly doesn’t describe any of the beaches in Oregon. The Oregon Coast is a combination of sandy beaches dominated by grasses and bordered by a dense coastal forest; and a rocky shoreline of rugged, volcanic formations.

  • What's A Beach, Anyway?

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    It might seem like a no-brainer, but it can be difficult to identify a beach at first glance. For example, did you know a beach can occur along a lake or river, too?

  • Indian Beach

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    Remote and picturesque, Indian Beach is a little more difficult to reach than most beaches along the Oregon Coast – but it's worth it. Popular with surfers, hikers and beachcombers, this small strip of land has plenty to offer.

  • Where Can I See Some Cool Oregon Beaches?

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    Looking for a great Oregon beach? Here's a short list of some of the best ones you can easily visit.

  • Tide Pools

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    Tidepooling is a very popular activity on the Oregon Coast for people of all ages. Here's some great places to find outstanding tide pools.

  • Cape Disappointment State Park

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    Part of the Washington State Parks system, Cape Disappointment State Park covers 1,800+ acres which include camping facilities, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and two historic lighthouses.

  • Sea Star Dance: Melding Music with Nature

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    Moved by the outbreak of sea star wasting disease that ravaged the Oregon Coast in 2015, educators and students at Lane Community College came up with a musical way to raise awareness about the plague.

  • On A Mission To Save A Butterfly

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    A group of teens from Pennsylvania travel to Oregon on a mission to help save a critically endangered butterfly.

Slideshow: Beaches

  • Beachslideshowagatebeach

    Spreading out below the historic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, this Central Coast beach is popular with surfers.

  • Beachslideshowcannonbeach

    This long sandy stretch is dominated by a huge volcanic sea stacks and some of the best tide pools on the North Coast.

  • Beachslideshowfacerock

    Enjoy a cliff top view of a shoreline or climb down to the beach at low tide to explore giant caves in the numerous sea stacks.

  • Beachslideshowhugpoint

    Wander this beach as streams cascade out of the coastal forest and off sandstone cliffs sculpted into unusual shapes by the waves.

  • Beachslideshoworegondunes

    This long sandy beach is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and a lush wetland on the east.