Tiger Rockfish

Sebastes nigrocinctus

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Many rockfish live on the Oregon Coast, but the Tiger Rockfish is particularly colorful with red to black bands set against a pink or orange background. Like most rockfish, the body is large and heavy-looking with a series of thirteen defensive dorsal spines. They can grow up to 24 inches (61 cm) in length.

Rockfish are “ambush hunters” who will hide in caves or rocky outcrops and attack when crabs, shrimp or other fish venture too close. They often live in areas with other rockfish species but will be very territorial.

These fish are very long-lived. The oldest Tiger Rockfish was recorded as 117 years old.

Range and Habitat

The Tiger Rockfish resides in rocky reefs and kelp forests all along the Oregon Coast. It can be found from Prince William Sound, Alaska, south to central California. They may live as deep as 574 feet (175 meters).

Conservation Status