Shiner Perch

Cymatogaster aggregata

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Shiner Perch are a common fish in coastal areas and estuaries all along Oregon. They have elongated bodies with bright silver scales that have a more greenish tint along the top of the body. Several vertical yellow stripes run across both sides of the body, often interspersed with black. Like other perch species, they are often a favorite with anglers because they congregate in large numbers around piers and can be easily caught from shore.

In the Yaquina Bay near the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Shiner Perch are often found among the eelgrass beds where they hunt for small crustaceans. They can grow up to eight inches (20 cm) in length.

Range and Habitat

Shiner Perch are typically found near piers, reefs and in bays. They range from Alaska to Baja California.

Conservation Status