Kelp Greenling

Hexagrammos decagrammus

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This fish is often referred to by many names, including sea trout, greenling seatrout, rock trout, kelp trout and kelp cod. But regardless what you call it, this beautifully colored fish can be easily spotted in the Aquarium’s Passages of the Deep exhibit. Typically, female Kelp Greenlings are gray or brown with reddish-brown or golden freckles along the body and bright yellow fins. The males are gray or brown with irregular blue spots ringed with red along the fronts of the body. These dramatic color differences between the female and male Greenlings is unusual in fish. Greenlings are a favorite sportfish, which like Cabezon, can be easily harvested from shore or off piers. Live specimens are frequently sold in fish markets around the world.

Range and Habitat

Kelp Greenlings can be found from Alaska to La Jolla, California. In Oregon, they prefer the safety and rich feeding grounds of rocky reefs and kelp beds.

Conservation Status