Kelp Bass

Paralabrax clathratus

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You can find this common sportfish hanging lazily among the towering cliffs of Orford Reef. As their name suggests, they prefer live in kelp beds or similar habitats which provide abundant protection and food sources.

Many times, Kelp Bass will be found around the bottoms of oil drilling platforms, sunken ships or other human constructions that imitate these natural habitats. Kelp Bass are sometimes difficult to distinguish from certain types of rockfish, especially because they live in similar areas. In general, however, the Kelp Bass has brown, grey-brown or olive coloring on its back and sides with pale bellies. They primarily feed on other fish, octopus, shrimp, squids, crabs and algae.

Range and Habitat

Reefs, wrecks and kelp forests throughout the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Conservation Status