Broadnose Sevengill Shark

Notorynchus cepedianus

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These large sharks are common to Oregon coastal waters and are the largest shark species to reside in the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s Passages of the Deep exhibit and can be distinguished by their seven gill slits (most sharks only have five) and the single dorsal fin located toward the end of their body near the caudal (tail) fin.

Sevengill sharks are often hunted by sports fishermen as they are tenacious fighters. They primarily feed on smaller sharks, bat rays and mackerel.

Range and Habitat

This shark primarily resides in the colder waters of the Pacific Ocean from British Columbia to Chile.

Conservation Status:

Unknown. There is currently insufficient data on this shark to determine if its populations are threatened. However, because they occupy coastal waters, the Sevengill Shark is frequently caught as bycatch and many are unintentionally killed as a result.