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The genus Bathypalaemonella encompasses nine caridean shrimp species found in in deep, chiefly tropical waters around the world from depths of over 1,000 to almost 5,000 feet (308 – 1,463 m). They are slender and smooth, with a long finely toothed rostrum that extends forward from the head. The walking limbs can be of unequal size. When the shrimp swims, it generally holds its fan-like tail downward with legs and pincers extended in front of the body. They have large black eyes which protrude from the head on short stalks.

Habitat and Range

In the Gulf of Mexico, these shrimp species are found drifting among deep-sea soft corals or in proximity to sponges and other invertebrates. They can be found at depths of 300 to 1,450 feet (91 to 442 m) in tropical oceans around the world.

Conservation Status

Unknown. How common or widespread any of the Bathypalaemonelia species are is unknown because it is difficult for scientists to access the tremendous ocean depths at which the shrimp live. Over the years, only 25 specimens of any of these shrimp have ever been collected.