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Ruth A. Musgrave is an award-winning writer and naturalist known for her entertaining and creative approach to animal science.

Ruth is the author of eight books including EVERYTHING SHARKS and MISSION SHARK RESCUE, both published by National Geographic Kids. In addition to her nonfiction books, Ruth is a prolific freelance writer and a frequent contributor to National Geographic Little Kids and National Geographic Kids Magazines and other children’s publications. She specializes in topics related to science, conservation and natural history.

Ruth’s lifelong love of the ocean motivated her to establish WhaleTimes, Inc. in 1995. This non-profit organization is dedicated to providing kids with easy access to marine science information while inspiring a sense of respect and stewardship for the ocean. Over the years, WhaleTimes, Inc. has partnered with many marine scientists, scientific organizations and non-profits to create programs which highlight ocean research. WhaleTimes, Inc. and the Oceanscape Network have worked cooperatively on several projects, including the virtual explorations Gray Whales: A Celebration of Conservation, Creep into the Deep and Creep into the DEEPEND.

Through both her published works and WhaleTimes, Inc. programs, Ruth hopes to raise awareness of conservation issues among young people. She established Hagfish Day and Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks a Voice, both programs intended to raise awareness and dispel common myths about ocean species. Ruth is also a proud member of the DEEPEND Research Consortium, a team of scientists and organizations studying the deep sea in the Gulf of Mexico.

To learn more about Ruth and her work, visit her ruthamusgrave.com.

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