Glossary of Terms

Tide pools
Rocky pools located next to oceans filled with saltwater. These pools are important habitats for a variety of animals including fish and invertebrates.
The central root on a plant which grows vertically downward and forms the center point from which subsidiary rootlets will sprout.
Relating to the structure of the Earth’s crust and the various processes that occur there.
Tectonic Plates
A series of sixteen massive, irregularly shaped slabs of rock which make up the Earth’s hard outer shell. These plates float on the soft layers of the Earth’s mantle and are also referred to as lithospheric plates.
Tectonic Uplift
The increase in elevation of as the result of continental plates impacting with each other.
Something that pertains to the dry land. For example, an animal which lives on or in the ground, but not in the water or air.
Threatened Species
Those plants or animals that are likely to be in danger of extinction in the foreseeable future in most or all of their range.
The rising and falling of the ocean which generally occurs twice a day at a particular place. Tides are caused by the changing gravitational forces exerted on the Earth by the sun and moon.
Tonic Immobility
This is a natural state or paralysis that animals enter, often when they feel threatened. This is a reflex action not consciously controlled by the animal.
Topographic Map
Sometimes referred to as a topi map. A map with contour lines to show the elevation of the landscape.

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