Glossary of Terms

The act of selecting a portion of something to represent the whole.
When something can dissolve in water.
A leaf-like area which encloses and protects the petals of a flower.
The degree of saltiness in a given solution such as the ocean.
A sedimentary rock that generally consists of sand or grains of quartz cemented together. Sandstones are usually bright in color, ranging from red to yellow to brown.
Sandwich Islands
The name originally given to the Hawaiian Island by British explorer Captain James Cook. Cook named the islands for one of his benefactors, John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich.
A large grassy plain, usually found in tropical or subtropical areas and containing a limited number of trees.
An animal which feeds on decaying flesh, dead plant material or refuse.
A sea can have two major definitions. It is sometimes a smaller area of an ocean which may have unique characteristics; or it is a branch of an ocean which is at least partially surrounded by land.
Sea Spray
Moisture with a high salt content suspended in the air as the result of wave action.

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