Glossary of Terms

A large building featuring a large, heated salt water swimming pool. Natatoriums were especially popular in seaside resort communities during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. A branch of the United States government responsible for civilian space flight and exploration.
Neanderthal Man
An extinct subspecies of modern humans found throughout Europe and parts of Asia.
A specific position or role adopted by a certain species within a community.
The behavior of animals and plants in which they are active during nighttime hours.
Northwest Passage
A sea route across the top of the North American continent via the Arctic Ocean, connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
The immature form of an insect which changes little as the animal grows.
Specialized stinging cells located in the tentacles of some marine animals such as jellies. These cells are used primary to capture prey or ward off predators.
New Zealand
An island country lying to the east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand consists of two large islands separated by a narrow strait named after Brithish explorer Captain James Cook.
Nictitating membrane
This is a third eyelid present in some animals (such as sharks) that can be drawn across the eye for protection but still allows the animal to see.

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