Glossary of Terms

A plant which emerges from the water, is completely submerged or floats on the water’s surface.
On the Moment Magnitude Scale, this is unit of measurement used by seismologists to express the energy released during an earthquake.
A class of vertebrate animals who maintain constant body temperatures and have hair or fur on their bodies. Female mammals give live birth and produce milk to nurse their young.
A geological term referring to that region of the Earth’s interior between the crust and the core. The mantle is believed to consist of dense molten rock.
Referring to, found in or produced by the ocean.
Marine Debris
Human-created litter which intentionally or accidentally finds its way into an aquatic environment such as a lake, river or ocean.
Connected to the sea, especially in relation to seafaring activities.
A low-lying area which remains waterlogged most of the time due to flooding and tidal action.
A tract of grassland in an upland area near the timberline.
Metamorphic Rock
Rock which is transformed from its original state (called a protolith) through extreme heat and pressure which causes a profound change in its physical and/or chemical structure.

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