Glossary of Terms

Fjords are formed when advancing glaciers ground out long, narrow, U-shaped valleys with steep sides. When the glaciers melt, seawater floods the narrow inlet of the sea between the cliffs or steep slopes. They have a shallow barrier at their mouth that limits water exchange between the deeper waters of the fjord and the sea.
Forest Composition
The species of plants and their relative abundance.
The animals of a particular region, habitat or geologic period.
An extended break in a body of rock.
A sheet of floating ice.
Flood Tide
The movement of water toward the shore or upstream.
The plants of a particular region, habitat or geologic period.
A thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the air.
Food Chain
A diagram illustrating which species feeds on another within an ecosystem.
Food Web
A complex interconnection of prey and predator relationships within an ecosystem.

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