Glossary of Terms

A plant, such as a fern or lichen, which grows on top of another plant.
A community of organisms and their physical environment that interact as an ecological unit.
Semi-enclosed areas where freshwater meets and mixes with ocean water; types of estuaries (based on geologic features)
The sudden and violent movement of the ground resulting from movements within the earth’s crust or volcanic activity. Earthquakes are frequently very destructive and can cause widespread transformations in the topography of the affected land.
Ebb Tide
The movement of water away from shore or downstream.
The location of objects using reflected sound, as used by animals such as bats and whales.
A person who studies the relationships between organisms and their environment.
Endangered Species
Those plants or animals that are in extreme danger of extinction in most or all of their range.
A plant or animal found only in a certain area.
A species able to maintain a constant body temperature regardless of its environment. These species are often called “warm blooded.”

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