Diving The Oregon Coast

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Most divers will tell you that diving along the Oregon Coast is difficult at best. Strong currents, cold temperatures and low visibility can make for a frustrating and hazardous experience. Still, if you want to SCUBA dive here there are options.

Most Oregon divers will chose more sheltered dive spots, often diving from shore, in bays or near river mouths. The Central Coast area between Newport and Florence is considered by many to be the best area for these kinds of shore dives, but the state’s numerous inland lakes can also provide good diving options. Lake Woahink and Clear Lake are both good options due to the clear, still waters. The famous sunken caldera of Crater Lake can also be dived with the proper permits.

Notable Animals You Can See SCUBA Diving on the Oregon Coast: 
Lingcod | Kelp Greenling | Black Rockfish | Grunt Sculpin | Cabezon | Harbor Seal | California Seal Lion | Giant Pacific Octopus

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Tyler’s In The Shark Tank!

Tyler Ligon may dream of diving exotic locales all over the Pacific Ocean, but on many weekends you can find him at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. With his father, this nineteen-year-old university student has been SCUBA diving for years, and now uses the skill to help clean Aquarium exhibits and educate visitors. Tyler has the distinction of being the youngest Aquarium diver to give interpretive programs from inside the Open Sea exhibit, which houses five species of sharks including the large Broadnose Sevengill Shark.

“Whenever we’re in the water, we always remember that these sharks are wild animals,” said Tyler, “and that makes them potentially dangerous…”

How do you think Tyler handles being in the water surrounded by dozens of sharks? Check out the video to learn more.



Tyler's In The Shark Tank!

There's no better way to understand underwater environments than to experience them through SCUBA diving. Tyler Ligon, a volunteer diver at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. shares his passion for exploring the ocean – and diving with sharks!