Cape Perpetua's Greatest Hits

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GPS Coordinates: 44.277639, -124.113085

The beauty and natural resources of the Cape is what brings so many people and animals to these shores, meadows, forests and woodlands. If you’re visiting the cape, make sure to see these highlights:

Devil’s Churn: This bowl-shaped depression was cut into the volcanic rock by a millennia of violent wave action. Even on a calm day, the curved shape and narrow confines of the churn cause the ocean waters to toss and swirl.

Marine Gardens: When the tide goes out, an entire universe of marine life is revealed hidden between the craggy rocks of the cape. Tide pooling is a major activity here and a popular field trip destination for schools.

Cook’s Chasm: An underwater cavern produces an amazing spectacle. As waves crash through the chasm, they’re forced through a break in the ceiling which produces a tall spray of water similar in appearance to a geyser.



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