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Our Most Popular Picks

  • Hughes House

    Location: South Coast

    This beautiful Victorian mansion, lost in the middle of a coastal wilderness, houses the amazing story of early Oregon pioneer family.

  • Located in eastern Oregon, the John Day Fossil Beds is one of the best repositories of fossils from the Cenozoic Era, or the Age of Mammals.

  • The Twin Lights of Newport

    Location: Central Coast

    Newport is the only place on the Oregon Coast to boast two historical lighthouses, both of which have amazing stories to tell!

  • Turned To Stone

    Location: South Coast

    A Native American legend says this human-shaped island was once a beautiful young woman, punished by a vengeful god.

The Global Positioning System

What exactly is the Global Positioning System or GPS? This short video provides a thumbnail sketch of how this technological marvel can help you find any place on Earth!