“Haystack Rock"

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GPS Coordinates: 45.884422, -123.968375

Like all the islands along the Oregon coast, “Haystack Rock” is part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. You’re encouraged to wander up to the rock and explore the three hundred yards of tidepools at its base. (In fact, you’d be crazy not to!) But be careful where you step and what you touch. As part of a wildlife refuge, everything in and around the tidepools are protected by law and cannot be removed or damaged.

The USFWS cooperates with Haystack Rock Awareness Program, a local volunteer group that provides interpretation, education and oversight to the rock. HRAP volunteers can often be found wandering around the base of the Rock, offering insight and education to the area’s thousands of visitors. Schools also visit the Rock every year and benefit from HRAP’s mobile education vehicle which helps build appreciation and a sense of stewardship for the area’s diversity ecosystem.