Fort Clatsop National Monument

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GPS coordinates: 46.133611, -123.880278

This vast, forested park commemorates the 1803-06 Corps of Discovery Expedition, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. This successful endeavor was the first overland attempt by Americans to reach the Pacific Ocean. Fort Clatsop is the outpost built by Lewis and Clark’s party upon reaching the ocean’s edge. They stayed in this encampment during the cold, wet winter of 1805-06.

The monument contains a replica of the old encampment, a visitor’s center and miles of wilderness trails.



What Is A Landmark Place?

A landmark can be one of two things. It’s either a natural feature of the landscape around us that’s easily recognizable from a distance, such as a mountain, a hilltop or a river. Or it’s a place where something remarkable happened which was important to the people living in the area. This could include a naturally-existing area, but it might also be a human construction like a building, a bridge or a railroad.

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