Year of the Vaquita 2017 December Update

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As 2017 comes to a close, the vaquita continues to fight for its survival. Hampered by difficulties in enforcing the laws to protect the porpoise; continued hazards from the fishing industry; and a captive breeding program stalled by safety concerns, the fate of the animal remains uncertain.

The Oceanscape Network concludes The Year of the Vaquita with final part of our curriculum (grades 9-12), classroom resources and the launch of our video news magazine, OCEANSCAPE EXPLORER. The curriculum is downloadable from the righthand sidebar.

Additional resources for primary and intermediary grades can be found on the WhaleTimes website.

Oceanscape Explorer Video News Magazine: Saving the Vaquita

The OCEANSCAPE EXPLORER was produced and hosted by our teen correspondents and designed to tackle exploration and conservation topics in greater detail. This premiere episode connects to the Year of the Vaquita by looking at how non-sustainable fishing practices helped lead to the porpoise’s decline — and offers ways we can support ocean conservation and sustainability. You can view the video below or go to the OCEANSCAPE EXPLORER page to learn more about this distance learning program.

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About Team Vaquita

Consisting of WhaleTimes, Inc., Oregon Coast Aquarium and Southwest Fisheries Research Center / NOAA Fisheries, Team Vaquita will be raising awareness of the critically endangered vaquita and totoaba, reminding everyone to be conscientious consumers by purchasing only sustainably caught seafood, and celebrating all the ways people are helping to save these and other threatened species.

Classroom Curriculums (Grades 9-12)

High school teachers and homeschool parents are encouraged to download and incorporate these lessons. Curriculum aligns with Oregon State Education Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and the Ocean Literacy Principles.