Tracking Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef

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GPS Coordinates to the Great Barrier Reef: -18.286111, 147.7

Expedition Background

Dr. Michelle Heupel, a pioneer in the acoustic tracking of sharks and rays, takes us on a journey of discovery along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Dr. Heupel’s studies on the movements of sharks and rays on the reef is helping Australian scientists create better management plans to protect these often imperiled species, while assessing how changing ocean conditions are affecting their life-cycles.

The expedition will run from Monday, August 28 to Friday, September 1, 2017, exclusively on the Oceanscape Network. Features include daily blogs from Dr. Heupel, videos, slideshows, downloadable educational materials and much more. Oceanscape Network users can also send Dr. Heupel questions about her work during the aforementioned time period using our online submission form shown below.

This expedition is held in cooperation with the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Daily Updates

August 28, 2017: My Dream of Working with Sharks

August 29, 2017: Tracking Sharks with Sound

August 30, 2017: Let’s All Get Along: How Sharks Share the Reef

August 31, 2017: Time to Move? Sharks and Environmental Drivers

September 1, 2017: How Science Aids Shark Conservation




A Cooperative Program

This virtual exploration is made possible through the kind cooperation of the Australian Institute of Marine Science. To learn more about the institute's work, visit them online at www.aims.gov.au.

A Note About Dates and Times

Due to time zone differences between the United States and Australia, please be aware that responses to any online questions to Dr. Heupel may be delayed by several hours or more. Thank you for your patience and understanding.