The Teen's Guide to Exploring Oregon Ghost Towns

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A ghost town is any deserted place with few or no human inhabitants. Such places are plentiful in Oregon; remnants from history when men searched the hills for gold; when much of the state was still unexplored; or when economics and industry were very different from the modern world.

The Teen’s Guide to Exploring Oregon Ghost Towns was designed to help you find some of the most interesting and best preserved ghost towns in the state and provide with you activities that will let you explore these areas more thoroughly.

To get started with your investigations, download and print out the PDF document shown below. All included sites are organized by region and there is an Outdoor Observation Worksheet at the back of this packet which can be used to catalog your discoveries and share them with others.

Download Teen's Guide to Exploring Oregon Ghost Towns



Roadside Ghost Towns

Sometimes, abandoned places can be found right along the roadside. These sites can offer some fun exploration opportunities if you keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready.

Ghost Town Etiquette

If you're exploring any outdoor place, practicing good etiquette is essential. Here are some simple rules to follow when you're out exploring ghost towns.