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Monday, June 6, 2016

Summary: Dr. Tracey Sutton, director of the DEEPEND project, welcomes you to this year’s expedition and provides an overview of its goals.

First, let me welcome you to the DEEPEND Research Team! The rest of your DEEPEND Science Team currently includes 64 scientists, outreach specialists, college students, and dozens of other partners. I can speak for all of them when I thank you for joining us!

DEEPEND is a three-year project (2015-2017) with a mission to characterize the oceanic Gulf of Mexico in terms of the diversity, abundance, and distribution of its inhabitants. Our exploration will go far deeper than where scientists usually study. Much of our sampling takes place almost a mile down. That’s deep when it comes to the ocean.

Another goal of DEEPEND is to increase awareness of the deep sea, its inhabitants, and the potential threats to this amazing environment. Our primary focus is on fishes, shrimps, squids, and jellyfish. We will also look at microbes, ocean circulation, and possible contaminants (pollutants) left over from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

To learn more about our researchers, continue to watch the Oceanscape Network. You can also send us questions or comments about our work to seamail@whaletimes.org.

Once again, we are so excited to have you join us!

My best, Dr. Tracey Sutton
DEEPEND Director, Chief Scientist, and Deep-Sea Explorer



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