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Oregon Coast Aquarium to host Volunteer Recruiting Day

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Calling all volunteers! The Oregon Coast Aquarium is hosting a Volunteer Recruiting Day on February 4, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Anyone interested in joining the Aquarium’s dedicated volunteer team is encouraged to attend. In particular, the Aquarium is seeking concierge volunteers, seasonal guides and interpretive volunteers.

These ambassadors for nature are an integral part of the Aquarium’s mission. Interpretive volunteers collectively connect with over 400,000 visitors each year, ensuring that they leave the Aquarium with a better understanding of and appreciation for our coastal and marine environments.

Concierge volunteers (CVs) welcome guests warmly and offer assistance with visit planning by pointing out presentation times, special exhibits and the like. Additionally, CVs interact with departing visitors by answering questions, providing information about travel needs such as lodging and eating accommodations, and suggesting other local attractions and tourist activities to enjoy.

Guided tours for the general public are offered to guests in the spring and summer months by interpretive volunteers. This position allows interpreters a chance to showcase particular elements/exhibits of the aquarium that might escape guests’ notice, or particular passions and interests they enjoy sharing.

At Volunteer Recruiting Day on February 4, current Aquarium volunteers will be on hand to share their experience and answer questions.

“One of my favorite aspects of being a volunteer is the opportunity to meet guests and get them excited about the Aquarium’s exhibits,” said Linda Reid, a volunteer shift captain who’s been with the Aquarium for eight and a half years. “People from all around the world come to the Aquarium, and as a volunteer, you’re able to share that experience with them.”

Craig McKenzie, who began his third year of volunteering in 2017, said that being a volunteer is a great way to learn more about Oregon’s coastal and marine environments. “You develop a better understanding of how everything fits together, ecologically, and you’re then able to pass that knowledge on to others in a positive, easygoing way.”

Speaking on behalf of animals and their environments is no simple task, which is why the Oregon Coast Aquarium treats its interpreter and seasonal guide volunteers to a six-weekend crash course on the coastal and marine fauna of Oregon. For those interested in a less rigorous orientation, becoming a concierge volunteer requires just a single day of training.

Upon graduation, these volunteers spend a few hours each week speaking on behalf of Oregon’s marine animals and their environments to Aquarium visitors. This exposure provides people a tremendous opportunity to make a positive impact for their local environment, and the ocean on a global scale. As volunteers accrue experience, they’ll be able to expand their interpretive know-how into other areas of the Aquarium.

Perks of volunteering at the Aquarium include complimentary membership, admission passes to share with friends and family, and special tours or animal “encounters”. Additionally, there is ample opportunity to socialize with other volunteers and staff that share your passions and interests.

For those interested in attending Volunteer Recruiting Day, please RSVP to volunteer@aquarium.org. A front-of-house tour of the Aquarium will be provided to attendees.