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Aquarium Invites You to “Seas the Day” at World Oceans Day Event

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The Oregon Coast Aquarium will celebrate World Oceans Day on Saturday, June 30. The event highlights the importance of the ocean and its inhabitants through interactive activities, raffles, and animal presentations.

The theme of 2018 World Oceans Day is “Our Oceans, Our Future.” The goal is to call attention to the ocean’s inextricable link to the well-being of our planet, and how reducing plastic consumption benefits the world’s largest ecosystem — from plankton to people.

The event will encourage guests to take part in everyday solutions to plastic pollution and marine litter. The best part? The Aquarium animals will help demonstrate how!

Learn from Max the sea lion and Schuster the sea otter as they show their commitment to recycling by disposing of plastic bottles in the proper receptacle. Presentations starring JoJo the brown pelican will educate guests on the importance of proper waste disposal so that plastics and fishing line don’t endanger seabirds. Visitors can also chat with the marine mammal team about the Aquarium’s entanglement rehabilitation cases, like the northern fur seal pup. Don’t miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the dissection of a blue shark that was caught as bycatch.

To illustrate the concept of reducing plastic consumption, visitors are encouraged to take the Better Bag Challenge by pledging to avoid disposable bags for at least one year. Pledgers will receive a free Aquarium tote bag sporting the slogan, “This Bag Saves Sea Turtles”.

The annual World Oceans Day event is celebrated by organizations across the globe to promote understanding and stewardship of the ocean. The Aquarium will be hosting the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, NOAA Marine Operations, USFS Cape Perpetua, Depoe Bay Whale Center with Oregon State Parks, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and the American Cetacean Society. Each organization will engage visitors with displays and activities that inspire ocean conservation.

“World Oceans Day is a great opportunity to celebrate and honor the blue planet that we all depend on,” said Jeff Harms, Education Manager at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. “The Aquarium hopes to inspire visitors to appreciate our ocean and to take action in helping to keep it healthy. Working together, we can and will protect the ocean that connects us all.”

World Oceans Day activities are free with Aquarium admission and advance registration is not required. For more information or to buy tickets online visit aquarium.org call 541-867-FISH.



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