• Mallardduck

    The Pacific Northwest is home to so many species of plants and animals.

  • Foresttrees

    Hike through our many forests and woodlands to see diverse flora.

  • Oceanview

    The Oregon coast is an excellent place to find diverse species.

  • Girlinbackyard

    What species can you spot right in your own back yard?

Species Spotting

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About Species Spotting

Looking for a specific species? The Species Spotting feature allows our users to see profiles of various plants and animals common to Oregon. Click on an image to learn more about that species or click on the icons above to see a complete listing of plants and animals on this site.

Submit A Photo

Visitors to Oceanscape Network can submit their photos to Species Spotting. Click THE STREAM link at the top of this page to navigate to our online submission tool or email us at oceanscape@aquarium.org