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Reading and Writing

American writer Henry Miller once said, “Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery.” Although Miller wasn’t speaking specifically about nature, the sentiment certainly applies. Through the written word, you can travel to places around the world you may never visit in person; experience species long vanished from the ecosphere; or glimpse how the Earth and its inhabitants may change in the centuries ahead. The possibilities are limitless.

This Youth Activities feature offers examples of how you can explore nature through reading and writing. Like our other Youth Activities, new features will be periodically added. Click on any item to learn more about it.

If you’re a book enthusiast or a creative writer who uses nature as an inspiration, we’d like to know about it. Send us details by email or submit it through The Stream.

Join Us On Goodreads

Summary: Goodreads is the world’s largest social networking site dedicated to reading. Visit the Oceanscape Network’s profile for recommendations on book titles related to oceans and nature, quizzes and polls, or just to connect with other book enthusiasts. Click here for more.

Be There Ghosts Here?

Summary: Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? But is the tale of the female wraith said to wander the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Newport true… or just a piece of inventive fiction? Check out the true behind the legend, and then download an activity which will help you create your own coastal legend! Click here for more

Sixteen And Alone At Sea

Summary: In 1965, a sixteen-year-old named Robin Lee Graham made history by sailing around the world all by himself. Here is the amazing tale which inspired three books and a movie! Click here for more.

Treasure Island on the West Coast?

Summary: Despite its Caribbean setting, Robert Louis Stevenson’s most famous novel may have been inspired by West Coast of the United States. Learn how Treasure Island may have a more local connection than first thought. Click here for more.

S.T.E.A.M. Powered: Science Author Ruth A. Musgrave

Summary: Science author Ruth A. Musgrave discusses her career in writing and how young people can use nature to inspire creativity. Part 1: Writing For A Cause | Part 2: The Power of Words

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