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Photography and Videography

Cameras on phones and smart devices, and photo and video sharing websites have helped propel a huge interest in photography, especially among young people. Digital technology has made photography easy, economical and fun. But it’s also made it so easy that photographers and videographers often overlook basic composition and craftsmanship rules when producing new images. This feature will provide you with tips and tools on how you can improve your photography skills. Check back often for additional features.

Best Shots: Tips on Taking Great Photos Outdoors

Whether you’re new photography or just not used to working outdoors, here are some important tips on how you can take better nature images. Click here for more.

Great Photo Rendering Apps

From Photoshop to Instagram, photo rendering software is effective and plentiful. But it can range dramatically in price and quality, so we’ve put together this short list of our favorite apps which can also meet a teenager’s limited budget. Click here for more.

Learning While Laughing

Brother-sister team Rob and Laura Sams are the brains and talent behind Sisbro Studios in Portland, Oregon. Learn how their careers in filmmaking began with some creative high school projects and what advice they have for young filmmakers just starting out. Click here for more

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