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As many as 59 million Americans participate in cycling each year, with young adults being the fastest growing segment of the population to enjoy this sport. The Oregon Coast is a preeminent location for those interested in cycling. Numerous bike paths, roadways and rallies provide year-round opportunities for both amateur and competitive cyclists while simultaneously exposing them to spectacular natural areas. Opportunities aren’t limited to just those on two wheels, either. Unicyclists, tricyclists, quadracyclists and those operating human-powered vehicles (HPVs) of their own design can all enjoy this versatile sport.

Types of Cycling

Utility: The most common type of cycling, utility describes those who use bicycles or similar vehicles for everyday use. Whether it’s to get to work or school, to run errands, or as part of a job, cycling is a daily activity for millions of people. As Americans have become more environmentally-minded, many have also reduced their dependence on gas-powered vehicles in favor of cycles. Utility cycling also benefits those living in urban areas who wish to avoid car-choked roadways or crowded public transportation and expensive parking.

Recreational: Seen as a hobby or undertaken for its health benefits, cycling is an activity the whole family can participate in regardless of age. Many recreational cyclists are interested in exploring urban or natural areas and are referred to as “bicycle tourists” or “cycletourists". Others may join organized clubs for the social benefits of cycling. More adventurous enthusiasts may head off-road to tackle forested pathways, muddy hillsides or sandy beaches. These individuals are often known as “mountain bikers” — even when mountains aren’t involved.

Competitive: This form of cycling may include racing, endurance tests or performing stunts or tricks in what’s often referred to as Freestyle BMX. Participants may be amateurs who just enjoy a good race or professionals who compete nationally or internationally. Today, this kind of cycling is a huge industry with some of the best known competitions being the Tour de France, the Union Cycliste Internationale World Tour and the Olympic games.

Getting Started with Cycling

Finding your local cycling club or bike shop is one of the best ways to get involved in the sport. The links provided here will help you locate resources in your area.

Central Oregon Cycling Club | Mid-Valley Bicycle Club | Portland Velo Cycling Club | Ride Oregon Ride | Salem Bicycle Club | Yaquina Wheels Bicycle Club

Featured Items

This page will be updated periodically with features about cycling. If you’re involved in a cycling activity, we’d like to know about it. Send us details through email for post it on The Stream.

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