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Conservation Projects

Young people have some unique opportunities to help save or restore Oregon’s wild places, both on the coast and inland. Whether its through a school club, classroom activity or just exploring volunteer opportunities, there’s plenty of ways you can help our wildlife and the world in general. This page will feature some examples of how teens are getting outdoors and making a difference. Click on a conservation project to learn more about it.

Featured Items:

This page will be updated periodically with new conservation opportunities so be sure to check back. If you’re involved in a conservation activity, we’d like to know about it. Send us details through email for post it on The Stream.

Building An Underwater Garden

Volunteers with the Oregon Coast Aquarium and from around Newport get muddy and wet to plant Marine Eelgrass beds in the Yaquina Bay. Known as mitigation, this form of conservation aims to restore vital habitat in one area if it’s been lost in another. Click here.

Endangered Oregon

This collection of features deals with both endangered species and threatened species found in the state of Oregon. These can be plants or animals, both terrestrial or marine, found along the coast or in adjacent areas. Click on a feature to learn more about that species, including ways you can assist with its recovery.

Hope for an Ancient Fish
Saving Stranded Sea Turtles
Counting on Success: The Steller Sea Lion
The Gray Wolf Returns
The Northern Spotted Owl and Old Growth Forests
The Vanishing Honey Bee
Diver and Survivor: The Brown Pelican

Marine Debris Hunters

One of the biggest challenges facing marine wildlife today is the proliferation of human trash in our ocean and waterways. This feature highlights how staff and youth volunteers with the Oregon Coast Aquarium go “hunting” for debris both on the beach and underwater to protect animals. Click here.

Saving the Silverspot

Youth volunteers with the Oregon Zoo in Portland help the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service create new coastal prairie habitat for the threatened Oregon Silverspot Butterfly. Click here.

Year of the Vaquita 2017

The Oceanscape Network joins forces with WhaleTimes, Inc. and Southwest Fisheries Research Center / NOAA Fisheries, to raise awareness and offer tools to help the world’s most endangered porpoise and other threatened species. Click here.

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How Are You Helping The Earth?

We call it the Oceanscape NETWORK because it's designed to allow youth to come together and share information of mutual interest. The items on this page describe just a few conservation projects happening in the state of Oregon – but we know there are lots more out there. If you have a project going on, especially one that involves teens, we'd like to know about it. You can submit the information through The Stream or by email to oceanscape@aquarium.org.

Volunteer At The Oregon Coast Aquarium?

If you're a teen, do you know about the Aquarium's large youth volunteer program? We've including some handy downloadables which better explain how teens are helping animals and the oceans through Aquarium programs. You can also contact the Volunteer Program directly by emailing volunteers@aquarium.org.